Do I have too many options?

Do I keep my options open too much? I read this post today and it really hit home. I think a lot of my frustrations come from keeping my options as open as possible.

I just started a new job. It should be great. It’s a big bump in pay from where I was. It involves more responsibility and I will be learning all kinds of new things that will help my career over time. Yet I’m hating every minute of it. I miss the people I used to work with. I don’t feel like I fit in. I’m totally overwhelmed with the work. Everything about this job makes me want to go back to the old one. I know deep down that isn’t the right move, but it’s in my head and causing me to lose focus in this new job.

On top of that I am still waiting to hear about another job I interviewed for. It sounds pretty ideal, but maybe that’s just because I don’t like this job that much. Having this other possibility out there makes it hard to focus on this job too.

The crazy part is that leading up to taking this job I was pretty excited. It’s more money than I’ve ever made. It’s a good career step. Basically it was an awesome move and the right choice at the time. So why am I frustrated now? Is it really that I don’t like the job or is it that I know there are other options out there?

This hits in other parts of my life too. I’ve been in a great relationship for years, but I haven’t gotten married. I’m not looking for better options, but maybe I’m waiting for something more. I don’t know. It’s probably harming our relationship or at least harming my mindset.

I’ve moved around the country too. I moved to San Francisco, which has been awesome. Despite that, I constantly think about moving back to Minnesota. Or Florida. Or Seattle. Or New York. Basically I have the option to do whatever I want, but no real reason to pick one and go with it.

Overall I constantly have one foot out the door. I’m not “all in” about anything in my life. How do I fix this? How do I cut off those options to make my choices easier? Do I do it here or move somewhere more stable? Is this the job I want? Do I just need a goal? Or a system to work towards?

I know it’s good to have some options. Without them I wouldn’t be in SF making 6 figures in a good job. I’d probably still be bitching about life in MN. Stuck in a condo and a dead end job.

Who knows….


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