Give up alcohol for January

I’m doing a “Dry January” for 2014. I will have no alcohol for the full month of January.

I’ve actually had a pretty good start so far. On New Years Eve, I didn’t drink much at all. Just a couple glasses of wine. I’m not a huge drinker overall, but I regularly drink on most weekends. Even then, it’s usually just a few. That adds up though.

I’m also going to work on eating healthier and exercising, but giving up alcohol for a month will be the biggest change. This morning I weighted 194 pounds and had a body fat % of over 20%. This is pretty high than my usual. We shall see where I am by the end of the month.

Giving up alcohol should be easy enough for this month. There are no Vikings football games to watch. I have no friends out here outside of work. The only challenge will be at the work happy hour in a few weeks, but I can just have tea or something like that.

The toughest thing is to keep busy. Usually on a weekend, we’ll stop in for a beer after a long day of being active. Skipping that will be a little tough. But I know I can do it.

How about it? Anybody else going to give up alcohol for Jan?


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