Think Long Term

So let’s think Long Term here now.  What would be my life over the next twenty years in each situation.

Move back:

Say nothing changes in my feelings.  At the one year mark of being here, I decide to move us.  What do I do?

Pre-move –

Enjoy the city as if it’s a long vacation.
Focus on learning VBA and some other important work skills.
Start searching for stuff in Mpls seriously about 2 months before move.  Talk to M about it.
Ideally line up a role before then.
Try to work remote from there at current job.
Then go after the lease is up and the job is ready.

Move –

Rent a car and drive back.  Have movers move stuff.
Get there before work starts, make sure we have a place to live, etc.
Post move-
Make a point to go out with friends more.  Invite them over more.  Start rebuilding some great friendships.
Do a great job at my job.  Have sights set on a manager level role within a year or two.

1 Year later-
Get married.
Get a promotion.
Keep friendships solid.
Save for downpayment.

3-5 years-
Buy a house. Live in it and fix it up.  Then rent it out in a year or two.
Move jobs possibly to a much better job.
Keep up with friends & family.
Start looking into business ideas.

6-8 years-
Buy another house or two.  Have 2 rental properties.  Keep working at it.
Start a small business.
Pay off girlfriends debt.

10 years-
Quit the corporate life and do business full time.

15 years-
Sell one or two rental props and buy our dream house.
Keep friendships strong.

Basically, my plan would be to be financially stable at 40.  Have a solid group of friends.  See my family and my girlfriend’s family semi-regularly.  Own multiple rental homes that are paying for themselves.  Be enjoying the Minnesota weather, even the cold.

Life if we stay:

Keep going at my job.  Get that manager job in 1-2 years.  Stay in our apartment. Start making friends.

2-3 Years-

Pay off girlfriends debt.  Get married, probably back in MN

3-5 Years-

Be able to afford a nicer place.  Still can’t buy.

10 Years-

Have a Director level job.  Make enough to maybe buy a cheap house out here.

In reality, this is why I lean towards MN.  I feel like I can plan for our future and understand what it is I need to do to get ahead.  Here, it feels like I’m working to pay our rent and go out to eat a lot.  Yes, the weather is awesome, the job opportunities are better and the city is cooler.  But financial independence is not likely out here with me being a finance guy.

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