New Perspectives Day 2

Day 2 checking in.  I got up and exercised & meditated again today.  It was tougher to get out of bed, but I did it.  Legs day today.  I did squats, deadlifts and lunges.  I haven’t done that in a while, I should be sore tomorrow.  That’s why I switched it up to legs.  I think I should do this every week day, maybe even every day.  Alternating legs and upper body each day.  Maybe just doing a little bit every day will work for me.

On the decisions front, things have gotten clearer, but weirder.  My girlfriend is now feeling really strongly like going back.  She likes the idea of “settling down” getting a house, car, being more domesticated, etc.

This is weird on one hand.  I feel like that is not what we want.  Well I feel like that’s what we’ve been telling ourselves that we don’t want.  Strangely, I’ve realized that we’ve already done a lot of that.  Not in a house, but most days we just hang out and eat and watch TV anyway.  I’ve been trying not to do that for so long, but maybe that’s just what we do.  It would be nice to have friends around for the days we don’t do that.  Plus to have a bit extra space and the ability to not feel cooped up in an apartment all the time.

Weird how perspectives change…  Well, onward, upward….  We shall see what happens next.

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