Day one of new perspectives

So, how am I doing?  Well this morning was day one.  I got up at 7 and did my exercises then meditated.  It was good.  I felt more energized than usual and awake.  So how am I doing on becoming my ideal self?

  • I feel like I’ve made some progress on being more decisive.  I still haven’t decided on MN yet, but I feel like I’m more confident that I will make the right decision.
  • My job has been busy this morning and I have things to do this afternoon.
  • My group of friends is still in MN and no new ones in SF.
  • I worked out this morning.
  • I worked out this morning and felt good about it.
  • I feel like we got closer this weekend.
  • Getting married is tricky.  If we move back it would be a lot easier.  If we stay it would be harder.
  • I feel comfortable with my income, but realize that life in SF isn’t very sustainable unless I make more.  In MN we could live comfortably on my income alone.
  • No plans for vacation now.
  • We went out and climbed to the top of a hill on Saturday which was definitely “nature like”.
  • I bought new clothes this weekend that are casual, yet classy.
  • We looked at an ideal house for us online back in MN.
  • I am debt free.
  • No progress on her loans.
  • I didn’t smile and wasn’t excited for the day.  Maybe tomorrow.
  • I think I’m making progress on being comfortable with myself.

Overall, it was an interesting weekend.  We went for a hike and I really saw just how beautiful the city is again.  It would be so tough to give that up and I’d definitely feel like we’re missing out on something great.

On the other hand, we went out for beers afterward and were missing our friends.  Plus we got in a fight which means we’re spending too much time together and could use some third parties.  But then of course my girlfriend gets to looking for places to live in Mpls again.  She of course finds her dream house and cries and moans about it for hours.  We’re not doing that, but it may just be proving that we do want to go back.

Ways in which moving back could help me achieve my ideal self:

  • I’d make the decision to go and stick with it.
  • I’d find a good job.  I’d have more options to somehow start a business.
  • I have friends there.  And having a house and being close would help me keep them as friends.
  • No difference on exercise.
  • No difference on exercise.
  • Our relationship might get better as she does like seeing me interact with others.  I’d have to be less introverted than I was.
  • Getting married would be cheap and easy.
  • I would be able to afford a lot more on my income in MN
  • Vacations would be easier to plan.
  • There is a lot of nature in MN.
  • DOWNSIDE, I’d probably lose my casual work place.
  • We could buy a house EVENTUALLY back there.
  • I would probably end up in debt with cars.
  • DOWNSIDE, she makes less so she can’t pay them down.
  • Same situation.
  • I would try to embrace being a Minnesotan for the long haul.

So really, who knows.  It would financially be good and socially be good.  Sunshine would suck though.




  1. #1 by stick it on September 21, 2014 - 5:18 pm

    Hello, after reading this awesome post i am as well cheerful to share
    my experience here with friends.

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