Ideal Self?

So apparently I can’t just find happiness.  Apparently happiness is the process of becoming your ideal self.  So what’s my ideal self?  Here’s a few ideas:

  • I want to be able to make clear decisions without fretting about things for days, weeks or months before hand.  I’ve been debating what to do and where to live in the future for over a month now and am not really any closer to making a decision.  Plus I’ve spent countless hours focused and frustrated about it.  I don’t want to be like this.  I want to be a person who is confident in his decisions and decisive.
  • I want to have a job where I feel like I’m productive.  I don’t want a lot of downtime.  I don’t want to feel stagnant. I want to be growing in my job on both a responsibility level, income level and prestige level.
  • I want to have a group of friends to do things with.  I want to care about these people and I want them to care about me.  I have a group like this in MN, and am not sure if can create one out here in SF.  I want to have this though.
  • I want to be more muscular and not have a belly anymore.
  • I want to be someone who works out regularly without having to “Force” myself to do it.  I don’t want to search for motivation, I want to be motivated and active.
  • I want to have a good emotional and sex life with my girlfriend.
  • I want to get married to her eventually.
  • I want to have enough money to live a comfortable lifestyle.  If we stay here I want to be in a good place and have enough money to go out to eat, drink and weekend getaways when I want.  If we move back, I want to be able to live in a decent house and drive a nice car.
  • I want to be able to go on at least 3 vacations a year.  More if we go back to MN.
  • I want to spend time in nature.  I want to go camping and hiking and fishing again.  I want to climb a mountain.
  • I want to dress casual yet well and have comfortable well fitting clothes.
  • I want to own a house outright before I retire.
  • I want to stay debt free.  Besides a house and possibly car payment.
  • I want to help my girlfriend pay off her student loan.
  • I want to wake up in the morning and smile and be excited for the day.
  • Most of all though, I want to be comfortable with myself.  I want to be out of my head and able to focus on the moment and enjoy life.

Here’s how I’m going to start.  For the next two weeks I’m going to get up in the morning and do pushups, pull ups, rows and dips each morning.  Then I will stretch & meditate for 5-10 minutes.  Then I will write in my journal about my thoughts and feelings about life and whether to move to MN or stay in SF.

I’ve told my friend that I will give him $10 for every day I don’t do this so I will follow though.

How about you, what’s your ideal self?



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