New places or Old?

It’s a weird world out there.  Most days you just don’t know what you want out of life.  Maybe that’s the point.  Who knows.

On one hand, it’s awesome to go out and explore.  Making your own life and traveling around the world.  You can forget your past and move on into the unknown.  It’s exciting.  It’s challenging.  But then you start to realize that it’s all really the same.  The new people you meet are similar to the old ones.  I feel like moving to a new city has opened me up to meeting new people, but also made miss the old people.  It’s made me homesick even though the place I came from isn’t any better either.

Sometimes I think about moving back.  Even though it’s cold and boring.  But I know people there.  Or do I?  Do I really know anyone?  Or am I totally alone?  Are we all just alone and looking for a place in the world that doesn’t really exist?

I’m kind of thinking so.  Maybe I should just go through life and see some amazing things and experience some interesting stuff.  I can remember the past and the people in it, but not dwell on it.  That just leads to stress.

Does it really matter if I live in one city or another?  Near people I know and people I might meet?  Does anything matter?



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