California is Great

Strange how time flies when things are changing.

Well, I got laid off in February.  I knew it was coming.  They told me back in November that it was going to happen.  I was really unhappy about it at first.  But over time, it was freeing.  I was given until Feb to look for another job.  Which was pretty awesome.  I didn’t find one during this time, but shortly afterward, so things are okay.

But I did something crazy and interesting.  I moved with my girlfriend to a big city across the country.  San Francisco to be exact.  It’s been awesome.  We’ve been here since Feb and I’m really enjoying  it.

I found myself another exciting cubicle job.  But this time I’m looking at it a bit differently.  I’m not just surviving the cubicle anymore.  I’m thriving.  I’ve had a huge change of perspective over the past 6 months.

I’ve realized that I’m never going to quit the easy office job and do something crazy.  I’m getting older and have really realized how nice it is to have a paycheck.  What I am going to do is take an active role in building my career.  No more will I sit around and wait for someone to recognize my greatness and give me a better job.  I’m going to work hard and make sure I get that better job myself.  There is no more time for waiting for good things to happen.  If I don’t take control and make it happen, it never will.

Another thing I’ve been realizing is that your location really does matter when it comes to being happy in a job.  Back in the cold winters I felt like crap going from a warm bed to a freezing walk to a boring office.  Now I get to be in beautiful weather and see awesome views every day.  California is great.

One thought on “California is Great

  1. Roxie T. Snider

    this whole past month has been busy and stressful. I’m really starting to pay for it. I’m so fatigued, my anxiety is through the roof, I’m having word gastrointestinal issues, and my legs are not cooperating at all. At night I have crazy twitching that is sometimes painful (last might was the worst ever) and my muscles have been ridiculously tight. Through all of this, of course, I look just fine. It feels like no one believes me when I say that I feel like shit (lol, my phone doesn’t recognize the word “shit”- that will need to be taken care of.) I need a break. Now. I would love to find someone who “gets it.”I would love an uninterrupted guilt-free nap. Mostly I’m just plain sick of living like this. I’m sick of the pain and the old people drugs. I’m sick of nurses who praise me for doing “such a good job emptying your bladder!” You girls are great and I really appreciate that some people can live the whole “I have MS but MS doesn’t have me” life, but today I really need to bitch. So, what I guess I’m saying is I’d mostly appreciate hearing “yes, it sucks” and stories of stupid things people have said to you and help with dealing with the clueless.

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