5 challenges for the weekend

This weekend, you are going to accomplish these 5 things:

  1.  Spend all night Friday out and about in your town.  You don’t have to do anything specific, just don’t go home until the sun comes up.  Bring a small notepad and write down what you see.  Talk to people and see where the night leads.
  2. Donate one bag of clothes to good will.  You know you can come up with at least one bag of old unused clothes to donate.  Bonus points if you have more than one bag.
  3. Don’t drive anywhere all weekend.  Bike or walk or public transit.  Don’t even start the car.
  4. Ask 5 strangers for the time.  Bonus points if you lead it to a conversation.  Even more bonus points if it’s between 3-6 am on Saturday morning.
  5. Saturday morning, go out for breakfast.  Leave a $20 tip.  This will just make you feel good and generous.

So there’s your homework.  Have fun.


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