Kill Your Television

There is nothing more detrimental to your life than your television.  It makes you fat, lazy, boring, and old.  The average American spends about four hours a day in front of the boob tube.  Most people have around six hours of downtime between work and sleep on any given day.  If you are spending the majority of that time parked in front of the TV, you are wasting your life.

These days, a good majority of people have jobs where they sit all day long.  For a lot of us, this is unavoidable.  That alone is making us fat and contributing to heart disease.  To add another four hours of sitting on your ass is just speeding up the process.  All of this sitting is just as bad as smoking at eating fast food every day.  It is killing you.  It is making you fat.  People complain about making it to the gym three times a week.  You don’t even need to do that.  Just stay off of your ass when you get home from work.  Keep moving.  Take a walk or do chores, it doesn’t matter, just don’t sit and watch TV.

Television makes you incredibly lazy too.  Ever notice how you can be watching a show that ends and you are too lazy to even see if there is anything else on?  You are literally too lazy to continue being lazy.  I’ve sat there watching infomercials because I was too lazy to get up and find the remote.  Try sitting around the house with the TV off.  You will barely be able to sit still.  You’ll keep getting up and looking for things to do.  With the TV on, however, you will probably not move for about four hours straight.  You might even sit there until you couldn’t possibly hold your bladder and have to run to the bathroom.

Some of the most boring people I know are people who could tell you about every TV show they watch and explain each and every plot line to you.  We all think that we are smarter than average and that we know what’s going on because we watch the news.  We are being brainwashed by advertising to buy things we don’t need.  When was the last time you bought something at the store?  Chances are you bought something that was mentioned on TV.  TV makes you incredibly dull.  Have you ever talked to someone about a TV show that they love, but you have never seen?  It’s boring.  You have no interest in what that person is saying.

Television ages you extremely fast.  Think about how many weeks have just flown by for you.  How many years have you wasted watching TV?  Every one of those days where you worked all day, then watched TV all night was a waste.  Sure occasionally there is something specific to your interests or a movie you would like to see, but that’s rare.  Too many people mindlessly watch TV every day and couldn’t even name the shows they were watching.  Your life literally flies by when you watch TV every night.  Think about the weekends you’ve spent in front of the tube.  You spend all week waiting for the weekend only to blow it all on the couch.

TV is a waste.  Get rid of it.  If you can’t, at least get rid of cable.  Limit yourself to a few hours a week.  Actually plan what you are going to watch and when so that you don’t mindlessly watch reruns of bad sitcoms every day.  Kill your television before it kills you.


3 thoughts on “Kill Your Television

  1. Hey, glad to see your are blogging still! I’m still reading and enjoying. Good point about the TV. I’m more of an internet junky than a TV junky. In fact, if I have too many shows calling my attention I get frustrated and stop watching them all…because hey…..they cut into my internet time. 😦

  2. Sabrina

    Television is a tool that can be used for good or bad. There are many fine and uplifting programs on TV, particularly on PBS (I’m thinking of the arts and cultural shows like the opera and what not), but there’s also a lot of junk on TV. Just like food, one needs to be selective.

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