Sometimes it becomes incredibly difficult for me to focus on something.  I need to shut out every other distraction and just get into something.  I think this is why working on a computer can seem to just drain your time away from you.  If you have your email, a spreadsheet, your personal email, a website, and itunes all going at once how much time do you think you’re going to focus on that spreadsheet you’re supposed to work on?  About 1/5 the time.  Probably even less.

To really get into work, you need to close out everything on your computer, but the bare minimum required for your project.  I tried this today and it seemed to work.  I realized that I was able to get a lot more done in less time than usual without the distractions.  I also realized that I was less frustrated at the thought of working on a boring project because I could not see the tabs for the distractions in the background.

I set a time limit to allow myself to take a break from work, but I was not allowed to do anything else on the computer until those set breaks.  It worked very well.  My problem now is not being able to focus on this article I’m writing.  I have the email open and keep glancing down to see the little (1) that means I have a new email.

I guess who cares right now though.  I realized that I need to focus and become really good at my job as long as I have to be here.  I might as well enjoy myself and get some work done.  If I focus on what I’m doing it isn’t all that bad.  The worst part of working is when it is slow and I lose focus because of all of the other distractions.

I feel bad if I get off of my projects to follow those distractions and it is actually stressful to think that I’m wasting my own time.  I need to focus on work and set timetables for myself.  I can set specific times to take breaks and check out those distractions, but if I have them open it is too easy to lose focus often.

Even while writing this, I have checked my email.  This makes things difficult.  I’m going to make it my plan to write up a set list of things to do during the day and follow it.  I’ll add in breaks, but other than during those specific times, I will stay focused on my work.  This will make my job easier and more efficient.

This can really work for anything.  I realize that I get distracted easily and just need to keep it in check.


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