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Tomorrow, my girlfriend and I are going to a hike in campsite for the first time!  We do plenty of car camping, but this will be more rustic.  I’m looking forward to it.

It will be great to get away for a couple of nights and enjoy the outdoors.  Plus it will be interesting to carry everything we need on our backs.  Usually when we go car camping, we have a big tent, big cooler, grill, extra blankets, chairs, and plenty of other stuff along with us.  This is fun, but will be nice to see how a minimalist trip turns out.

We were able to find most of our gear used on craigslist so we managed to save a ton of money.  Plus this way, if we hate it, we won’t be out much and can probably resell everything for about the same price.

Here is my super cool camping list:


Sleeping bags


Water filter

Camp stove


Cooking gear



Forks – plastic

Knives – plastic

Sleeping pads

2 flashlights

Head lamp

Water bottles

Small cooler

Day pack

Trash bags


Freezer bags




Paper towels

Small towel





Fire starter

Bug spray

Coffee cups

Duct Tape

Safety Pins


Bear Spray



Chap Stick

Clothes to wear

Hiking pants

Dry fit shirt

Wool Socks

Underarmor boxers

Longsleeve dry shirt


Rain jacket

Thermal bottoms

Thermal top






4 steaks (two will stay in cooler in car)

6 potatoes

2 pounds green beans

6 eggs

10 strips bacon

Beef jerky

Almonds, walnuts, raisins, bananas

2 oranges

2 apples


Graham crackers



1 pound cheese

Coffee – Starbucks VIA



Beer/Pop in the car

First Aid








Probably too much stuff, but good for a first time out.  Have a good weekend.

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I’m Surviving…

Well it’s been a long time since I’ve posted on here.  When I started, I had the idea to write a bunch of helpful and interesting things to help people who work in an office setting live a more happy life.  Then I got lazy and stopped posting.

Part of this laziness was because I’m a perfectionist and everything I wrote just didn’t seem very good.  So I didn’t want to post any of it.  Then I realized that I just didn’t care anymore and almost forgot about this site.

The problem is that I still want to keep writing.  I find it pretty easy to forget about though.  Especially when I get it in my head that all of my writing is terrible so I just stop it.

Well that’s got to change.  I’m coming back to writing. This is somewhat brought on by a reminder I have to pay for another year of this site.  I figure now that I had better be writing and using it if I’m paying for it.  Another thing that got me going was reading the free ebook, The Flinch by Julian Smith.

I’m going to stray a bit from the theme of this blog though.  Originally, I started it to help others “survive the cubicle”, but now I’ve realized that I need to focus more on surviving it myself.  I’m still in the same job as I was and still growing tired of the cubicle lifestyle.  I’ve yet to decide to give up the paycheck though, so here I am.

So I’m going to start writing every day that I have internet access and write about whatever comes to mind.  Much of it may still be related to cubicles, but a lot will not be.  Some may just be strange things I’m thinking of and also short stories that I work on.  Some may even be just lists of things.  Who knows and who cares.  The point is that I’m writing.

My goal is to write enough that I come up with enough ideas so that I can publish something by this time next year.  I’m not sure what I want to publish yet, but it will most likely be self published and free or very cheap.  I just want to come up with a finished product to make myself feel better.  This is mostly because I feel like I’m not accomplishing much in my job and want to accomplish something on my own.

Regardless, I’m back.  Read if you like or don’t.  If you like it, tell your friends and re-post the link somewhere.  It may all be pointless and crazy, but my top post is about sweaty underwear, so I guess I don’t really care anymore.

This blog will hopefully either save me from going crazy in the cube or at least be an interesting read as I decline into insanity… haha kidding.. or am I?

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Wow it’s been a long time since I posted anything here. Not quite sure why, but I just seemed to lose motivation to write on here.

Starting tomorrow morning, I will have something new to work on. It may not be specifically cubicle related, but it’s going to at least keep me interested.

If anybody is still reading, that’s awesome!


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