Go Camping

I went camping last weekend.  I like going on a fall camping trip or two because the weather is usually perfect at that time of year in Minnesota.  The leaves have changed too, so everything is very pretty.  The temperature was actually very warm for this time of year.

We went up to a spot along the St. Croix River.  We got there some time around one in the afternoon.  Luckily our camp site was unoccupied already, so we set up the tent.  Then we went for a hike on one of the “more advanced” trails.  It was pretty easy though.

The only weird thing was that it was also a horse trail, so the ground was very sandy and loose.  The horses must tear it up with their hooves.  There were leaves all over.  This made our walk pretty noisy as we had to trample through them the whole way.  There was no way we were seeing any wild life on that walk.

When we got back we hung out for awhile.  It was the perfect afternoon.  I didn’t even have to wear long sleeves.

While we were sitting there, two deer came walking by our camp site.  Luckily we were on the very end of the camping area.  There was no one else around to scare them away.  They just slowly wandered through the trees, probably looking for something to eat.

It was amazing to see how well camouflaged they were.  As soon as they stopped moving, I lost track of them.  At one point, I made a noise and the deer stared me down for a good five minutes before it started to move again.  It was tense, but I stayed still, so it kept on moving without getting scared.

We had brats and potato salad for dinner.  The food was good, but the brats got a bit burned because they were still frozen in the center.

We played a quick game of Scrabble after dinner, but that got interrupted by a short rainstorm.  Of course the rain stopped as soon as we put the game away.  We were tied at the time so we called it a draw.

The rest of the night was spent watching the campfire and finishing off some wine.  It was very relaxing.  The next morning, we had some greasy eggs and bacon and hot coffee before a short walk down by the river.  The whole trip was short, but extremely relaxing.

You might be wondering what this has to do with working in an office.  It doesn’t really, but I think we all need to get out and enjoy a bit of nature to feel better about the constant life of computers and cubicles.  This weekend was really easy.  All we needed was a tent, sleeping bags, some food and wine.

We’re not into anything too intense; we just were at a drive in camp site in one of the state parks.  These weekends are nice too because they’re pretty cheap.  The site costs maybe twenty dollars.  After food and firewood, we probably spent fifty.

Sometimes we all need to slow down a bit and enjoy some nature.  The best thing about this trip was the fact that we didn’t have a television or computer hogging our attention the whole time.

Oh and I apologize for the lack of posts lately.  Work has been busy and I’ve been suffering from a bit of writers block.


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