Helping others

I’ve realized that I really enjoy helping people.  I think this may be one of the main reasons that I get frustrated working an office job.  I don’t have customers or clients or even other employees that I have to interact with on a regular basis.  Sure, I can talk with my co-workers and my boss, but I don’t really need to.  At least not more than once or twice a day.

Some of my favorite jobs have been in customer service.  It’s unfortunate that they didn’t pay much more than minimum wage though.  When I was in high school I worked at a sandwich shop.  The most fun part of that job was talking with the customers and seeing them satisfied with their food.  I miss this since I’ve been working in the office.

I know this isn’t totally something that applies to office work.  I know there are lots of jobs out there where you can work in an office and still help people.  My old job had me working with a lot of people inside and outside of the company.  It was definitely nice to get a phone call about something and be able to help them solve their problems.

I think this need to help others is an important aspect of any life.  I’ve had many agree with me on this.  Many people even think this may be the one thing in life that makes them the most happy.  Why else would so many people volunteer their time to help others?

I’m not really sure why this is though.  I’m mostly a believer that there are really no selfless acts.  We all live in our own worlds and tend to only do things that benefit ourselves.  They may benefit others, but everything we do is really for our own reasons.  We may say that we really care about other people, but I think helping people really is just about making yourself feel good.

I’m not saying that we’re all jerks and consciously think about this.  I think this is all on some subconscious level.  I think the reason we even care about others in the first place is because it makes us feel good.  It feels nice to help people and if it didn’t, we probably would help them.

If there is something as inherent in our nature as helping others, why do so many of us work jobs that don’t really help anyone?  Maybe this is why there are so many people who volunteer in their non-working hours.  It’s hard because I know that I’m technically helping my company to succeed which helps its end customers, but by not being in touch with those customers, I feel like I’m missing out on something.

Maybe I just need to find something that focuses more helping others.  Maybe I need to volunteer outside of work.  What you do think?  I know there is something to this; it definitely feels good to help people.


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