Just Smile

Do you ever notice how after you have a good conversation with someone you walk away with a smile on your face?  Then you’re still smiling and you run into someone else you know.  It seems like the energy and fun of the prior conversation just keeps going for the new conversation.

Sometimes this will happen to me two or three times on a good day.  I can keep running into people and by the end of the day I’m in a really good mood.  The bad thing is that there are a lot of days where these conversations never happen.  If I don’t get the first good smile going, it’s hard to be excited to talk to others throughout the day.

So I’m going to try an experiment.  I’m going to fake it.  I’m going to keep a slight smile on my face as if I just got done having the best conversation with my best friend.  This way I’ll be in a good mood every time I run into somebody and maybe even start up a good conversation.

I’ve been doing this today and have really noticed a difference.  Even total strangers that I walk by have been making eye contact and smiling a bit.  It’s weird.  You can almost change your whole mood and the mood of others just by smiling a bit.

Sure I might be faking it at first, but after talking or just saying hi to a few people throughout the day I feel a lot happier.  That’s definitely not fake.  The good conversations aren’t fake either.

It’s almost as if when you pretend to be in a good mood, you end up in a good mood.

This definitely helps my morale while sitting in the office all day.  I’d rather smile and be happy than sit around grumpy all day.


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