Gray, gray, and more gray

The cubicle.  It’s what this blog is about, but I haven’t really talked about it yet.

My cube has gray walls, gray drawers, gray cabinets, a gray desk, and is on top of gray carpet.  I don’t think I’ve ever typed gray that many times.  Much less all in one sentence.

It’s pretty bland and boring.  I swear the walls get a little bit closer every day.

Why do I put up with this?  Why has this become the standard?  I think the office designers or “ergonomics engineers” or whatever you call them figured out what color will demoralize people the most.  Maybe they figure that the longer you stare at a gray wall the better chance you’ll give up on life and learn to love long hours of meaningless work.

There must be a place that makes and sells the cubicles.  I wonder if there is a giant warehouse full of different types and colors of cubicles, but my company picked out gray just for fun.  Or are there no other colors?  Who decided that blue would be terrible?  I mean, I’m not saying they need to be neon pink, but anything besides gray would be nice.

I don’t know.  I don’t get it.

So what can we do?  I know I need to decorate my cube more.  I need to get some color up on the walls.  Maybe some nature pictures or something.

I have a calendar with nature pictures.  That’s a pretty good start.  I need to find some more.  I could probably even put up some bright colored paper to get away from the gray.  I can’t do much about the desk, carpet, drawers, or cabinets, but at least I can cover the walls.

It’s hard because I also like to be pretty minimalist.  It helps me focus and get things done without being distracted.  I tend to keep my desk clear of anything I’m not using at the time.  I don’t have much work related stuff pinned to the walls either.

I’m not sure how to balance the minimalist look with some color to liven it up.  Any ideas?
Maybe I’ll look for some good sized nature and landscape type pictures.  That way I’ll only have a few up, but they’ll cover most of the walls.

What color is your cube?  Any good decoration ideas?

4 thoughts on “Gray, gray, and more gray

  1. Pam S.

    We had gray everything in the building that I used to work in, just like you described. When we moved to our brand new and better lit building, they just changed everything to tan. 🙂
    Like you I don’t like cluttering up my cube but I do think it helps to have some kind of item from nature. I have a bamboo plant that grows exceptionally well in here, even with only the flourescent lighting.
    You can also experiemnt with getting a lamp or using some different types of light bulbs to add interest. Oh and magnets, since most cubes have metal drawers they will stick and you can either get interesting magnets that mean something to you or use them to hang up pictures, comics, what have you.

    1. Of course it will. I’d love to do that. Read my posts, I’m here writing about office life and the lameness of cubicles. I know that life could be much much harder, that doesn’t change the fact that working in an office is incredibly boring and soul draining.

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