The day before you go on vacation

The day before you go on vacation.  Arguably the best day in the office.  I love to travel and always look forward to my vacations from work.  It’s like going on an adventure.  You’re all ready to go, but just have to get through one last day first.

I usually pack up and clean my house the night before.  This way I have nothing to do when I get home.

I usually get up a little early because I’m just excited to get the day over with.  I grab some good coffee on the way to work so I don’t have to make a mess making it at home.  I don’t usually bring a bag or anything more than my keys.  It’s like a work day light.

The morning is usually pretty busy.  I try to get everything done that I need to as soon as possible because I know I won’t be able to focus that afternoon.

I like to go out for lunch too.  Usually I have no food in my house because I’m about to go on a trip and don’t want anything to go bad.  I still try to eat healthy, but it’s nice to have a good reason to skip bringing my lunch.

It’s nice to have everything done by lunch so I can relax that afternoon.  I check itineraries, tickets, schedules, and make sure everything is good to go.

It’s nice to know that you won’t be in tomorrow and that all the work can wait till you get back.

Then I try to leave a bit early so I can hit the road or just relax before leaving the next day.  After all, I’ve gotten all my work done that morning.

See, there are definitely some good days in the office.

And I’m out.


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