Ridiculous Mandatory Training

I just spent 4 hours in a training seminar about teamwork.  What a joke that was.  Who comes up with these trainings anyway?  The training was run by two people.  I’m sure they get paid well to come up with this stuff too.

Maybe that’s what I should be doing.  It seems like it would be pretty easy.

The prepackaged training guides and group activities don’t really apply to real life.  None of it applies to actually working in an office.  It seemed like this was a basic management class from college that you spend 5 minutes studying for the morning before the test.

And I can’t forget about the online trainings.  I wonder how much money they spend every year putting together these videos.  If these companies put that money toward paying for the employee’s college courses and certifications we’d be a lot better off.

I understand that training is an important thing, but don’t these people realize that nobody is paying attention.  Why can’t they put things into terms that people actually understand?  We don’t need four different acronyms for three different styles of management just to make sure that your team shows up on time.

The one thing that they didn’t focus at all on was making the employees feel happy.  They didn’t talk at all about how to get people to feel like they are contributing to the company.  I honestly think the best way to make someone feel like a part of the team is by making them feel important.

If your work is important, you’ll take some pride in it.  If you know how you actually contribute to the bottom line, you will actually feel like a part of the team.

We don’t need vague mission statements and imaginary awards to do a good job at work.  We need real recognition.  We need to feel like we are producing something.  We need to know that we matter.

I wonder how effective these trainings are.  Do people actually come out of them and feel like they learned something new?

I don’t think so.  Everyone is more concerned with their actual day to day work.  People are more concerned about not getting fired that they don’t have any time to spend on this stuff.

I think we should manage by doing things to keep the employees happy.  Reward them with tangible things.  Show them how they are contributing.  Show them how their specific job impacts the company.  Let them have some input on how things work.  Stop micromanaging.  Give them clear objectives.  And mostly let them know that they aren’t at risk of being fired at any moment.  When people feel safe they thrive.  When they feel scared they shut down.

And stop with the vague and meaningless vision statements.

“It is our goal to destroy our competitors, steal their employees, and starve their children”



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