First post!

Hello and welcome to Surviving the Cubicle.

Like most people who work in dull office settings, I dream of quitting my job and opening a small business, traveling the world, and writing a novel.  There are tons of great blogs by people who have done this.  Some day this will be a reality for me, but not quite yet.

Most of us aren’t ready to quit our boring office job yet.  We have mortgages, families, student loans, credit card debt, and other things tying us down.  Maybe we have the great business idea, but just need to save up some cash first.  We may want to go back to school or move out of the country.  Whatever it is, it’s frustrating to spend 40 or more hours a week doing something we aren’t interested in.

I started writing “Surviving the Cubicle” to help myself and others cope with the daily grind of working in an office.  I’m coming up with lots of ideas on how to make working in an office more enjoyable.  I’ll also take reader suggestions for topics, so email or comment if you have an idea.

The blog is directed at the average office worker/cubicle drone, but you don’t have to be one to understand the boredom that comes from spending 1/3 of your life doing something you aren’t very enthusiastic about.

Maybe you work in an office and love it.  Great, this blog will still apply because it’s all about making working in an office as enjoyable as possible.

I know this has been a pretty cheesy opening post, but I didn’t know how else to start.

Keep reading!


5 thoughts on “First post!

  1. Robin

    Not cheesy at all! This is a very important topic for modern life! I don’t work in an office but I’ve worked factory jobs and cashier jobs for years now and the problems are very much the same. Especially working in a factory where it is very loud from the machines and you sit alone at your machine and try not to fall asleep. I used to play music at my station to keep me sane! My supervisor used to catch my dancing while I worked but he’d just shake his head and laugh. not all supervisors are nice enough to let you have music.
    Keep up the good work! I love your blog so far, lots of good ideas, especially having a hobby. I think you’re right about needing to feel like you’ve accomplished something at the end of the day. I haven’t felt like that in a long time. I’m going to start today! 🙂

  2. Brenda

    Hi! Lee, just read your entry at MDA, though I would stop over here and check out your site. Was your story the one where you said your Dad worked in the nutrition field? Well if he was, a book he might enjoy would be that one called, “Good Calories, Bad Calories” by Gary Taubes. Or his newer version that is called, Why we get fat? And what to do about it. Gary has some background in nutrition, & he is a scientific Journalist, -that might catch your Dad’s interest.
    I have an office where I do spend some time sitting and I always make it a habit to get up once or more within the hour. I spend a lot of time running up and down the stairs, that helps.
    I have some of my time where I’m standing so this morning I tried that thing where you stand on one leg for awhile then you switch to the other, you can feel the difference after a short while.
    Good luck with your postings.

    1. Yes. That was me. I actually picked up that book. I’m going to finish reading it first and send on to him. I think it’ll be a good one because he’s really into the science of it being a scientist and all.

      Thanks for checking out my site.

      Have a good one!

  3. Hey Lee, just finished reading your story on MDA and your posts on your new blog!! Congrats on starting the blog and your Primal/Paleo lifestyle!! I started 30 days ago, and am similarly chronicling my journey through Facebook and my own blog. I will send in my own success story to MDA when I reach my goal!!

    I have had a desk job for more than 15 years and totally relate to your posts…I am going to be giving it up very soon to branch out on my own and use some of my retirement money to get fully out of debt. I work 50-70 hours a week including weekends and I make a good salary, but what good is a salary when all i do is work to pay bills!! The stress is killing me and I have had enough.

    I will for the 1st time in my life be taking care of me, and it’s a big step, but with no debt we will be able to survive on my wife’s salary. I am a very good amateur photographer and love web design so I am not worried in the least about being able to support myself on my own…i can’t wait!!

    I have your blog bookmarked and will follow your progress as well. Good luck to you and your journey!


    Tim Swart

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